Addie Putnam
Character Info
Alias/Nicknames: unknown
Gender: Female
Age: 19 (Book One)
Status: Unknown
Mental Status: Slightly Insane
Physical attributes
Height: 5.8 ft

1.8 m

Weight: Unknown
Appearance: Book One (FA)
Class: unknown

 Addie is Savior's human cousin. (Book One is still a work in progress)

Appearance, and PersonalityEdit

Addie is hyper, cheerful, and always happy. No matter the situation.


Addie is related to Savior though her Tiste Longa bloodline, however Addie's blood is so deluted that she is human.

Book OneEdit

Addie first appears at Lee's Mansion after it is hit by artillary. She introduces her self to Robert, and Terra after they emerge from the shelter.


Savior: Her cousin.

Robert W. Reagan:

Terra Wilkins:


  • Agility, Bullettime, and Super Speed: She retains some level of time manipulation which allows her to slow time around her, allowing her to dodge with ease, and move faster then those around her. 
  • Energy Absorbtion, and Manipulation: Addie can absorb, and manipulate electrical energy around her. If attacked with an electrical shock she can either absorb, or redirect the energy from her body.
  • Flight: She has the ability to fly by use of her mind. This power is an off shot of time manipulation, and telekinisis. Powers her longa ancestors possessed, but she does not have full use of. Her power of flight requires that she build momentum in the form of Super Speed.
  • Super Strength: She retains the strength of the Tiste Longa, even though she is not one her self.