Amelia Eve Reagan
Character Info
Alias/Nicknames: Eva
Gender: Appears Female
Age: Appears Five
Status: Alive
Mental Status: Sane, Childlike
Physical attributes
Height: A little under a meter in height.
Weight: Unknown, presumed high.
Appearance: Book One: Dark Times (FA)

Book Two: Dawn's Shadows The Vanishing Weapons of War

Class: Unknown

 Amelia is a child like Gynoid discovered by Robert Reagan during one of his trianing missions as a soldier. Upon activation she immediantly attached her self to him as her Daddy. Since his death she has attached her self to Terra as her Mommy.


Not much is known, Robert use to make up stories about her to hide how he came to have her as a responsibility. He found her in an old military fashion bunker. He had at one point tried to ship her to Antartica, but failed at this. It became generally accepted that she had been dropped into his care by either a distant cousin, or unfortunate woman. Robert had kept her hidden knowing the order would seek to use her as a weapon.


Caring, Naive, Innocent, loves cookies.

She hates to fight, and dislikes conflict, though she can laugh at fictitious violence with ease.

She impressed herself solidly on Robert, and thinks about what he would want her to do in a situation. She can't help, but talk about him whenever something reminds her of him.


Amelia is powered by a small fision core, and has a built in missile launcher, finger pistols, and a concealed wrist oriented laser beam.

Her body is quite durable, able to withstand a lot of damage. This makes her quite heavy, it is only becouse of Terra's enhanced strength that she has never noticed this.


Robert: Her daddy, she looks up to him, even in death.

Terra: Her mommy, Terra takes care of her now that Robet is gone. She is not quite use to Terra's saddness as Robert made it a point to always be happy around her.


  • Amelia has been RPed by three seperate persons thus far in the series running; Robert Reagan, Baron Joshua, and Uncycloperson in that order.