Extent of land administered by the Protectorate

The Protectorate of Greater Australia is a nation of islands located in the Southeast Pacific Ocean. Unlike most of the world, Australia continues to function under the government of The Order, and expierienced far less turmoil than other developed countries. Reasons for this include its isolation, domination and settlement of primarily English settlers, and small amount of metahumans due to the fact that few metahumans managed to settle into Australia and the infrequency of the occurance of such genectic mutation.


The Protectorate of Greater Austrailia was formed following the Order's final defeat of all major opposition in the Easterm Hemisphere in 1923. Even though Austrailia itself fell in 1920, the Order was not able to create an administration until the resistance im Australia was fully destroyed. Despite being among one of the last countries to fall under the Order's government, Australia was quick to assimilate into the world government, mainly due a large percantage of the population being sympathetic with thier English bretheren and the vast majority of the troops that made Australia a bastion about against the Order being soildiers fleeing occupied countries. The Order soon managed to annilate all resistance in Australia and eventually decided that some nearby islands and New Zealand should share a common government.  Ironically, upon the global rebellions against the Order, the isolation that had allowed Austraiia to serve as a last hold of the resistance allowed the Order to maintain a remnant state. Though it was besieged by a considerable force, partly through badly botched attempts to attack the Australian fleet and partly through naval genius, Australia emerged victorious. Isolated by the other countries of the world Australia continues to function much as it did when the Order was a world government.

Politics and GovernmentEdit

Australia is a single-party, autocratic, parliamentary state headed by the party chairman, currently Chairman Nathaniel Perry, elected by the parliament. Citzens are allowed some participation in politics such as the ability to vote from a list of egilable canidates, and the ability to run for office if they are registered party members and have a distinguished record. New Zealand also elects its own pairliament and chairman but it is ultimately under the sovereignity of Greater Australia.  Indonesia and New Guinea are used for the raw materials that they provide. The native population recieves no rights of status, but have mostly been left alone as long as they are cooperative with Order officials wishing to extract mineral resources.


Australia is a heavily miltaraized nation. With the fall of the Order, Australia has cut many of the social programs once administered  by the Order to enlarge the military and engage in military research. It is believed that Australia has been recovering archive sites throughout the world in an attempt to gather infomation on previous reseasrch executed by the Order.