Axel Volk is the was the Vice-Chairman of the Order as a global government during the time of Book One: Dark Times. He had declared a holy crusade against the 'Metahuman Menace'. He was to be the primary antagonist of Book One. However, he never makes an IC appearance, is never mentioned, nor is any of his words quoted (on account of not being mentioned).


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This speech gives us an idea of his political views. Poorly devilvered, and contriditory to the canon, the speech thankfully only appears on the OOC of Book One.

"I must remind you, The Press, that we are here to protect the safety of our people from those....monsters. They are at risk to our great society. We all remember the horrible tragedy at the White Hall of Jal, how many lives were lost, by the treacherous hands of the so called Super Liberation Front and their supporters using the dreadful powers they posses. 50 innocent people died. For what? For peace? They did everything but bring peace into this country. These....abominations to our society must be destroyed at all costs. To let even 1 walk is to let a potential threat, a potential disaster, a potential to bring our society down in flames. At any moment, they could go off like a bomb, killing and injuring hundreds. They could even bring the complete destruction of our country through a war fought for their needs. Should we allow them to? NO! Should we do everything in our power to prevent this? These abominations from taking over our peaceful society and leading us to a time more chaotic than the 2nd coming of Jal? Yes. It is necessary that we do this. We do so to bring a world of peace, order and discipline for all." - Axel Volk, Press Conference


With the exception of the Chairman, none of these character appear, nor are mentioned. The latter two, were added by Baron Joshua , when he had considered Anisha Volk to have been Mea before the proceedure. Anisha Volk is a character of his creation, Volk's true motives are not explained, as he does not appear ICly. The Chairman - 

Emanual Volk - Son, he choose to live a quite life. Axel feels he let his guard down, and partially blaims him for Anishia's death.

Anishia Volk - Grand Daughter. According to records she parished in 2014 when dismembered by a terrorist who brutally attacked in her home town. The terrorist was captured, his hands removed so he could no longer make use of his inhuman powers. He was executed shortly there after upon verdict of a high court.