Battle of the Hawaiian Islands
ConflictSudden uprising in Hawaii
DateSeptember 10th 2018
PlaceHonolulu, Hawaii, USA

Complete dispatch of Order security and military forces

Sky Pirate Victory


Order Security Forces

Order Military Forces

Demons of the Sky "Sky Pirates"

Hawaii revolutionary army

Colonel Jackson Belmount Hues

Major Leon Roosevelt Harris

Matriarch Soma Weiss

1,250 Soldiers

6 air superiority fighters

10 attack helicopters

5 grizzly tanks

50,000 Militants

12 air superiority fighters

2 supers

4 civilian cruiseliners


500 Soldiers wounded

750 dead

6 fighters captured

3 tanks captured; 2 destroyed

10 attack helicopters

1 air superiority fighter

500 dead

250 wounded

The Battle of the Hawaiian Islands was an eight hour conquest between the oppressive Order security forces, the military forces, and the island nation of Hawaii. This battle establishes the creation of a new nation in favor of the creation of a private security corporation and allowed it's citizens to conduct business without the restrictions of order control.

Opposing ForcesEdit

Due to civil unrest in the Hawaiian islands inflicted by the Order's security and military forces there was positive public opinion for a new government. Many tried seeking both the Demons of the Sky for and the Hawaiian revolutionary army. It for the most part was a success in contacting them because of their presence through the internet and they offered plenty of support for the new faction.

The Order's military and security forces were on different islands sitting next to each other both trying to hunt down the deserter named Leon Harris then execute him for treason against the order.


September 9th 2010 at 8 PM at night Leon along with several hackers snuck their way into the Order's communication's network and began subverting tactical orders for bases in Hawaii then took over a local news station to sound the call to attack the order's bases. He never really knew how much support he was going to get until reports came in through the Order's communication network saying that there was a couple mobs twenty five thousand strong. They were armed with cooking ware and building equipment then there were reports indicating that the mobs were picking up firearms from the fallen soldiers.

Following the attack there were reports of sorties for attack helicopters and Leon along with several of his airmen swiftly shot them down before causing more damage than what was needed. He also shot a couple tanks before the crews could get inside then watched as the newly crowned martiarch claimed political power.


The fighting caused all Order presence to cease after the operation and the new nation of Hawaii.