The emblem of the Children of the Sea

The Gang of
Tidebringer, who reside in Cold Harbors's Docks. The children of the sea ran a powerful smuggling operation and silenced any that got in their way.  A powerful force, they had access to many illegal weapons and were uncontested as ruler's of the dock district prior to Tidebringer's arrest.  Rumours hold that they worshipped Tidebringer as a goddess of the sea and undertook in occult rituals, but this has never been completely proven or disproven. It is well known that Victoria Shaw, Tidebringer's given name, had a superiority complex.


Victoria Shaw was a very successful and kind-hearted businuess woman prior to develoing metahuman powers in her early twenties. Her businuess was tied to the docks and discovered her powers would allow her greater control of the competion. Using her wealth and influence, she was able to create a group to challenge the powerful Cold Harbour Boyz. Her powers allowed her gang to rock the docks and easily defeat the Cold Harbor Boyz. Survivers joined her ranks and she grew in power. The Children of the Sea were born out of this struggle and continued to dominate the coast until they were the last gang standing. Despite the easy domination of the docks the gang was never able to expand inland and fell apart after Victoria Shaw's arrest. With most of the gang dead and Tidebringer in prison it seems unlikely that they will return.

Notable MembersEdit


  • Victoria Shaw- Also known as "Tidebringer", she is the head of the gang.