The world Of Men and Titans is set in a multiverse in which two gods, one of creation, and one of destruction battle though out the mutiverse by way of their servants the Tiste Longa, and Tiste Hora. Above this battle field is the realm of Heaven, ruled by the creator. Below lies the Nether ruled by Mer.

The Divine and the MultiverseEdit

Jrova, Hrova, and Mer exist out side of the Multiverse, they are the only constant factor in the realms of mortal kind.

The Realms of MortalkindEdit

Prime EarthEdit

This is the canonical timeline of the RP series.

Earth 2Edit

Diverged from the Prime aftermath of Book II, serves as the setting for The Vanishing. Notable for introducing an extraterrestrial species with a powerful aptitude for kinesis known as the 'Kinsmen'.

Earth XEdit

With the invasion of the Order never occuring on the year of 1914, the world continued its course into the "Great War" which will also be World War I, changing the course of history. "Supers/Abhumans/Gifted Humans" also never existed, making everyone remain human, unlike their mainstream counterparts. Even some of the Tiste that were so powerful, had gotten human counterparts in this universe, the prime example being Savior.

Unknown EarthEdit

A version of the original timeline posited to exist, one where the Order's fall in Book I was averted and the rebellion extinguished.