Edgar Jam
Party poison
Edgar Jam, as portrayed by Gerard Way/Party Poison
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Super Liberation Front
Threat/Classification: Tier 4

Code Green Code Sierra

Appearance: Book One; Dark Times
Nickname(s): None Given
Mental Status: Insane
Status: Unknown

Edgar Jam is an eighteen year old male with control over Iron and magnetic objects. His powers (technically) allow him to control blood, internal organs, and the surface of Mars. Unlike many in this universe, Edgar is asexual and gender neutral. He smokes marijuana and has a fondness for brownies. He also has a tendency to commit acts of arson and brutal violence, showing signs of being a violent sociopath, if not a psychopath.


Born in Flimxanthia to two Super fugatives hiding in a cellar, he spent his early years on the run. The lack of a stable environment made him more willing to lose everything, something which can be seen when he burnt down his apartment just to kill a platoon of soldiers sent to arrest him.

At the age of nine he witnessed his parents getting gunned down by Order forces, and he was forced to fight his way to freedom, using blunt metal objects to end the lives of multiple soldiers. The event caused him to become overly willing to kill, and gave him a deep resentment against the Order, blaming them for everything that went wrong in his life.

He missed out on regular schooling, and was taught by Supers in hidden camps. He lacks some basic schooling, but has strong moral fibre and is well-trained in how to end a life.

On his fifteenth birthday he met another Super, two months younger than him. They began a relationship, which ended abruptly when she was gunned down by Order forces. Following her death, Edgar took to drugs and alcohol to numb his pain. He also took to self-harm, punishing himself for her death.

He eventually found a steady job at a bar mixing drinks. After two years, he quit and took his final pay cheque, using it to buy a jeep. He used the jeep as his home, and used the boot as space to grow weed, which he sold at clubs. He then invested the money in a savings account, using the interest to pay for his apartments and petrol.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Edgar shows signs of depression and paranoid schizophrenia, along with slight PTSD. He is also shown as willing to kill, and more than willing to burn anything that would get in his way. 

He is shown as having an unpredictable nature, often making a decision with little or no reasoning. Saying this, he will always consider how his actions will affect his comrades. He is unwilling to allow his own mistakes ruin the lives of others whom he cares about.