Dr. David Knicely

The Eve Project was a secret project headed by Dr. David Knicely. It's original stated purpose was too create a series of Gynoids for potential deployment as intelligence agents; however Knicely was accused of taking advantage of it to create of the perfect daughter. Knicely was later liquidated for "misuse of government funds".

Project HistoryEdit

The project started in June, 2002. A year prior the potential of the project was submitted to the Order's Chairman of Development. By December it was decided three prototypes of a first series would be built. It was not until 2006, however, that the design was settled on, and not until 2012 that the the first gynoid was completed. 

In June, 2012 Eve-1 was activated. Initially being well received as a living machine, two more were completed. Eve 2 was activated in August and Eve-3 was ready for activation in September. 

Plans to activate Eve-3 were suspended when the Order cut funding to the project. The official report stated, "He [Dr. Knicely] has created a living breathing child, with the capacity of child, and the dangerousness of a child. The children are unable to access the weapons built into to them and are nothing more than 'cute'. For this reason funding has proven useless."

All the Gynoids were shut down with thier memory wiped clean, and put into Order storage where they eventually were lost.



EVE-1 "Maria"

Eve Project # 1 (Unaccounted For): EVE-1 had dark hair and green eyes eyes. She proved to be an assertive individual, and when given the chance would lead about other children she interacted with as part of training, but she would listen to the Order's lectures almost zealously. She was also very self-conscious about disappointing her superiors, and an overachiever. Unlike Amelia, she did not see any project workers as parents, but rather as authority figures, though two officers that she spent long periods of time with could have perhaps filled the niche. In her design file and upon activation she was given the name "Maria".

EVE-2 "Eva"

Eve Project # 2 "Amelia Eve Reagan": EVE-2 was blonde with blue eyes, and much shyer than her counterpart, EVE-1. She was not as driven to please, and couldn't be classified as a leader or follower. This is mostly because she did her own thing and simply would ignore the other children. She was often unattentive during lectures and would cry when scolded. She treated Dr. Knicely as a parent and would often ask about why she didn't have a mother. Her personality was not what the Order desired and was one of the reasons for the project's being cancelled.

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Eve Project # 3 (Unaccounted For)