Geneviève Devereaux
Geneviève Devereaux
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Unity Party

Devereaux family

District Attorney of Cold Harbor

Threat/Classification: Unclassified
Nickname(s): Ginny
Mental Status: Sane
Status: Alive
Geneviève "Ginny" Séraphine Sandrine la Reine Devereaux is a French-American super and part time resident at Cold Harbor. Born in San Francisco, Devereaux is the oldest daughter of billionaire power couple Francis Devereaux and Eloise la Reine and was raised partially in the US, France and the UK respectively. 

Discovering in her late pre-teens her ability to enter the minds of other people Devereaux has kept an extremely low profile and her quite considerable powers remain secret to all but her two younger siblings, Guillaume "Will" Devereaux and Gabrielle "Gaby" la Reine.

Devereaux is a recent, premature, graduate of Harvard Law School where she was president of the Harvard Law Review and a co-founder of the campus branch of the Unity Party's student wing. Following graduation Devereaux has returned to Cold Harbor to join the District Attorney of the city despite arguably being overqualified and certainly in possesion of more lucrative offers.   

Character and AppearanceEdit

Geneviève Devereaux though well-mannered, polite and educated is a callous and calculating young woman who treats most people with disinterest and detachment.

She is an exceptionally beautiful young woman with a lithe, almost angelic, physique and all attractive features.