Hrova is Jrova's twin brother, born in the begining of all things. For as long as anyone can remember Hrova has been chaotic, as Jrova's first act was to create, Hrova's was to destory. Where Jrova brought order, Hrova brought discord. He is known as the god of Chaos, the Bringer of Death, and the Destoryer. He dwells, but does not rule, with in the Rending, a transversal realm made wholely from the shattered remains of the various universes to have fallen to him. His efforts of destruction are aided by his 'children' the Tiste Hora, who are known in this universe as Demons. Besides the Tiste Longa, Hrova is recorded in Jelist Religion to have been served by numerous hideous monsters such as levithans, giants, and hellhounds. Numerous people throughout the centuries have also claimed to half-mortal children of Hrova. The most recent was a young woman known only as Sylvanis that caused havoc in Cold Harbor before dissappearing. It is belived that he could have had many more children; because, much like the Tiste Hora, Hrova is a being of emotion and lust.  It is suspected that the majority of his children never learn thier heritage.