Isabelle Meredith Clarke is the quiet mother of Cynthia Erin Clarke and widow to James Fletcher Clarke. She lives with her daughter in a small house, works the late shift at the local water treatment plant, and is always home when Cynthia returns from the academy. She is of mixed Ingalish and Spanish blood and has an aura about her that suggests she was born in wealth though she lives in near poverty today.

Isabelle Meredith Clarke
Isabelle, it is important to realize that she straightened her curly hair in this picture.
Age: 42
Gender: Female
Affiliation: N/A
Threat/Classification: N/A
Appearance: Kyoto Guardian Academy (KGA)
Nickname(s): Izzy (former)
Mental Status: Clinically Depressed
Status: Alive


Isabelle has kept much of her past a secret by simply not speaking. Her maiden name was Isabelle Norman and old letters and dresses discovered by Cynthia seem to indicate that her family had great wealth and prestige. It is unclear to Cynthia why she is no longer in contact with her family, nor is it clear how she came to live in poverty. Among the letters discovered by Cynthia were ones that suggested she was once a socialite and talented piano player and singer.  The dramatic change in personality occurred after her husband's death though the last letter from her family dates several years before thus event. Letters addressed to her often referred to her as "Izzy".

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Isabelle is of average height, has a light alpine skin tone, dark eyes, and curly brown-black hair. She often wheres brown and mundane, earthen hues. She wears glasses when she reads and has a frail, morbid appearance. Old family photos portray her as always smiling, beautiful, and youthful looking.

Though physically she shares only her eyes and curls with her daughter, many aspects of Isabelle's personality have rubbed off on her daughter. Shy and rarely speaking even to her daughter, this lead to Cynthia's own shyness and insecurity. She never smiles and sleeps for long periods of time while remaining isolated from the outside world other than her work. Isabelle rarely sets rules, but she sets expectations. The number of expectations she has are relatively few, and the only thing Cynthia can remember being punished is when she arrived home late. This has given Cynthia the impression her mother cares little about her well-being. The fact that Cynthia has to cook her own meals has also led to Cynthia's opinion of her.