James Fletcher Clarke
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Super Liberation Front,

Liberated England

Threat/Classification: Code Green

Code Sierra

Appearance: N/A

Mentioned in Kyoto Guardian Academy

Nickname(s): Sgt. Clarke
Mental Status: Sane
Status: Deceased
James Fletcher Clarke was a dock-worker, SLF insurgent,  husband of Isabelle Meredith Clarke, and the father of Cynthia Erin Clarke . He was a native to Ingaland, member of liberated England, and participated in the Siege of Bath where he was killed.

Early LifeEdit

James was the oldest of two brothers born and raised in Bristol. He spent much of his young life working odd jobs and only occasionally attending school so that he could better support his family. His powers were inherited from his mother, Rose, and his father, Richard, did not have any such abilities. Still both sons manifested darkness related powers, but they were far less powerful then thier mother's. This showed that the family's inherited powers were slowly diluting over time. After he barely passed high school he left the house to look for steady work.

Family, Life, and DeathEdit

At age twenty-five James met Isabelle Norman. She would later become his wife. His first and only child, Cynthia, was born in 2010. For the next three years the family lived comfortably and unremarkably in Portsmouth. In late 2013, however, James joined the Super Liberation Front. Eventually reaching the rank of sergeant, he was tragically killed in the 2015 Siege of Bath.


  • Cynthia Erin Clarke - His daughter, he rarely saw her, but according to his letters he loved her dearly.
  • Isabelle Meredith Clarke - "Izzy", his beloved wife, was encouraged ro continue living her normal life while he fought the Order.