James Lee
Tony Stark UA
Age: 28 (Currently)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Super Liberation Front
Threat/Classification: N/A
Appearance: Book One: Dark Times
Nickname(s): Liberty Knight
Mental Status: Sane
Status: Alive

James Lee was once a soldier who now maintains Lee Enterprises, an Arms company that sells to private and government forces. He supports the Super Liberation Front though may or may not be a member of the organization.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

James Lee is serious and cautious. He's an average height 28 year old caucasian male with gray hair. Although he's an armed manufacturer, he never thought of killing someone unless if he had too, usually going for incapitating an enemy.


James Lee was a soldier in the military of the Order however, his view changed drastically after finally aprehending a super. He determined that the supers were not abominations but victims. As a reward for his efforts he was honorable discharged, shortly after learning that the super he had aprehended had been promptly terminated. The chase for this super in paticular had made him a popular man which propelled him to wealth and ownership of Lee Enterprises. He now uses his wealth as a weapon against the Order under secret contracts with the Provisional American Assembly. 

Political and Religious ViewsEdit

James Lee was influenced by the US Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, framing it in his underground base as why he fights. James consider  himself a libertarian and wanted to install a democratic government to replace the Order.

Religion wise, he's a closet Christian being part of an underground Christian church. After Christianity was banned and replace with Jalism, Lee never consider being a member of Jal but to avoid trouble, he officially list his religion as an agnostic Jalist


Moseby: Moseby is Lee's butler, and former member MI6, an organization absorbed by the Order Intellegence Committee. Moseby trained him in Boxing as well as Mixed Martial Arts

Powers and EquipmentsEdit

James Lee has no powers, relying on his wits, gadgets, money, and his previous training. He keeps a pistol for self defense.

His company creates all sorts of ground vehicles for war including 

  • Liberty Tank
  • Alliance Tank
  • Panther Fighting Vehicle
  • Marauder APC