Kyoto is a city an municipal district in Japan.


At one point a capital of Japan, Kyoto is now a center of learning, and an area where the 'aristocracy' of the Order can still be felt though the many estates that dot the landscape.


The majority of the common folk of of a mixed Shinto-Jelistic faith. Shinto, despite years of the Order's occupation, and education, have remained relatively strong in Kyoto. The Order's fall saw a rather violent, but eventually quite revival of ancient tradition. Today, Shinto can be seen practiced openly upon the streets, a sign of progress to come. Jelism on the otherhand has somewhat declined, with few identifying of the faith, despite recognizing some of it's principles.

The Kyoto of today is a vast mix of western, and native culture. As the nation of Japan asserts it's self the city adopts more of it's heritage to fortify Japan's national identity.

Notable LocationsEdit

Blue Cafe - A restraunt accross from the Kyoto Guardian Academy that serves a mixture of Western, and Oriental cuisine. Students have been know to stop over after school has dismissed.

Eastern Reformed - One of three Jalist temples in the city.

Forrest Manor - A recent establishment by the Forrest's upon moving their family headquarters to Japan.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple - One of the surviving Shinto temples, and more fortunate then Nanzen-ji. Kiyomizu-dera was relatively abandoned for years (with secret riturals being preformed prior to the Order's collapse). Kiyomizu-dera has recently been restored via a community effort.

Kyoto Guardian Academy - the municipal center of superhuman academia.

Tamaru Estate - Home of the Tamaru Clan.