Leon R. Harris
Character Info
Alias/Nicknames: Demon One; Cola knight;
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 35
Status: Alive, Still wanted by the Order
Mental Status: Presumed insane
Physical attributes
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 153lbs
Appearance: unknown
Class: unknown


He is rumored to be a former classmate of Rei and is known to be one of The Order's top wanted for desertion along with leading a sudden uprising against the order to free what is now the headquarters of the independent security firm Sky Demons. It is also known that the security firm also fuctions as it's own nation guarded by the fact that it's imports are well searched for live explosves and other harmful chemicals that can be a danger to those who come in contact with the cargo.


According to the Order's records he loved to play games and drink cola. His basic training instuctor once said 'His kind of heaven would be filled to the brim with soda pop and the strum of an electric guitar would be heard from miles in his world. As a unit we would have trouble keeping him away from the stuff until his stomach started to ache from the seltzer and began to drool over the sofa he was drinking on.

I bet the reason he led the uprising was because he ran out of cola'


It is not known that Leon is the leader of the Sky Demons because it is assumed that their leader is tall, black hair, red eyes, and has a new yorker's accent. Leon is the complete opposite of that and is known to throw a fit at how short he is but is easily turned around when children are around to visit the hawaiian islands.