Liberated England was a rebel territory centered around the city of Bath from 2012 to 2015. In 2012 members of the SLF, and allied Militant 16 (M16) declared the region, and surrounding territories to be a free, and indipendent state. The territory was reclaimed following the Siege of Bath after three years of resistance.


Militant 16 was part of a string of pocket resistance movements in the UK, and former colonial holdings of the British Empire. Such movements were formed not only against the Order, but also the British government which had bowed fully to the Order by the year 1918 only to be dissolved by the Order in the year 1919. It was at this point that ranking officials realized, too late, what was at work. With aid from former members of the British Government M16, and related groups, began a century, and more, of conspiracy to bring about the rebirth of thier state.


  • Chandler Moseby is the only known member, or former member, of M16 to have appeared in the series.