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Location of Manns Harbor.

Manns Harbor is a coastal settlement that acts as the initial focal point in Book One.


Manns Harbor is a coastal community nestled on the Eastern Bank of the Coatan Sound.

In Game HistoryEdit

Manns Harbor has traditionally been a small, patriotic, yet relatively quiet community. The harbor use to be port for a ferry that would travel to Croatan Sound, thus providing access to Roanoak Island. This ferry was discontinued in 1957 with the completion of the bridge. In 2002, a second bridge was created, the Virginia Dare Memroial Bride, which in 2016 was renamed the --- Bridge in honor of one of the Order's government officials. In 2017 loud crashing noise alerts the drilling soldiers of an abhuman's appearance, the Order's men turned on each other, and special forces where mobilized to deal with the new threat.


After the SLF victory, the towns major concern  became rebuilding the community, as well as renaming the bridge.

Places of InterestEdit

The Apartments: During the time of the Order the Apartments, located near the shopping district, was home to most of the cities urban residence. A fire destroyed most of the structures in 2017 leaving behind brick ruins.

Bessie's Emporium of Wonder: A store-home located between two ruined buildings with in the shopping district, down the street from the Apartments. The Emporium sould makeshift books, flowers, and odd items like bolts, pens, and strings for music insturments. Urban lore speaks of the place as a cursed area, though those who got pass the lore, and visited tended to come agian describing the owner as pleasant. It is currently unoccupied with the front of the establishment in ruins. A room, once closed with a black door, now lies open revealing bones of which have yet to be identified. The Order's martial law in the community around the time of the stores destruction has only increased the extremity of the rumors.

The Park: The park is at the center of town, it was the landing sight of Savior.

Volk Memorial Bridge: Originally the Viginia Dare Memorial Bridge the name was changed in honor of the Vice-Chairman of the Order's World Government in the year 2016. The community has been in dispute over how to rename the communities most notable landmark, which connects the city to Roanoak Island. An area which, thanks to the SLF victory, has again become a popular tourist destination.

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