Merlin (illustration from middle ages)
Merlyn is a semi-legendary figure from the time of antiquity in the series who was reportedly the first  human to become immortal


Sired between a mortal woman and a tiste father, possibly Mer himself, from whom he inherited the supernatural powers and abilities that made his name, the young Merlyn was intended to be a harbringer of doom for the human race.

Early on however through the prayers of his mother he was granted the miracle of forging his own fate and gravitated towards the path of sagehood. 

When he died of old age his special heritage revived him from death and activated his immortality. 

Historical EventsEdit

He had prophesized the world's invasion by the Hora and the coming of the savior Jel. Prior to this he preached against humanity's growing servitude towards the outcast Hora and recognized their agenda of systematic damnation. Most famously he engineered the birth of who legend would refer to as 'King Arthur' and helped guide their reign. 

Eventually he disappeared from records and his fate is unclear. Popular belief holds that his spirit remains trapped in an enchanted forest as the result of some trickery or deciet where he lost his physical body. 

Modern Day interpretationsEdit

While his name was passed down through history, immortals themselves have contested as to the validity of his existence or his final fate. Some believe that Merlyn was in fact a Human Hora hybrid who had been intended to corrupt humanity but rejected that destiny to give them wisdom. He is a story even to the oldest surviving generation of immortals who regard him more as a symbol than a person who once lived.