Michael Haynes
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Age: 29
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Heroes
Threat/Classification: Unknown
Appearance: Book one
Nickname(s): Night-Owl
Mental Status: Sane
Status: Alive.
 Michael Haynes is a business man, with a secret, He comes from a Lineage of crime fighters coming from as long as  Ancient rome. He has received martial arts training through out his entire life, thanks to his father.He is also quiet good at stealth, and is a master escape artist. He is also very stubborn, always wanting to get his way. 

Appearance  and personality.Edit

Michael is a brown haired man, with green eyes. He is stubborn but only serious during his work as Night-owl.


Michael was born in Cold Harbor, a city rid to the brim with crime, and a corrupt police force. Unknown to him, his father and mother where both crime fighters, under the name "Night-Owl" and "Hunteress", his father died when he was 17, but he was told it was a car accident.Michael was giving Haynes industries, and became a very wealthy man. He married a women named Michelle, and they lived a quiet and peaceful life, about five miles from Cold Harbor, they lived a normal life,when one day Michael came home, and a book fell of it's shelf, when he went to put the book back on, he noticed a button,and opened it, this lead him to the cave that his family had used for years, and he became Night-Owl, protector of Cold Harbor.


Michelle-His wife.