Mrs. Wilkins
Sloth (2003) FMA
Character Info
Alias/Nicknames: unknown
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Status: Deceased
Mental Status: Supposed Sanity
Physical attributes
Height: --
Weight: --
Appearance: Book II: Dawn's Shadow (Flashback)

Book III (Mentioned Only)

Class: --

 The mother of Terra, David, and Wilson Wilkins. Little is know about her, including her maiden name, or the powers she possessed. She was 32, and wed to Mr. Wilkins. Together they lived in a house located in the forests of what was West Virginia. On the day of the incident, when Terra's beast form surfaced, Mr. and Mrs. Wilkin's had both seen their children off to play in the woods, showing that they encouraged the activity. She was dead by the time Wilson returned. It wouldn't be until 2018 that Terra would learn of her mother's death.