Character Info
Alias/Nicknames: N/A
Gender: No definite gender, but appears masculine
Age: Unknown
Status: Alive
Mental Status: Mentally unstable
Physical attributes
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Appearance: Book Three: Danger Close (FA)
Class: N/A

Noire is an extremely powerful entity able to affect certain fragments of time, reality, and even life and death. He made a deal with Alfie, promising his freedom if he could exact vengeance on his murderers and get closure from his family, or what was left of it. He apparently knows of Damien's immortality, but chooses not to reveal this.

The Deal with "Death"Edit

Several months after Alfie's death, Noire visits him, having felt that his soul was exerting quite a large amount of negative energy. Seeing an opportunity, Noire exposes himself to the boy's soul and makes an agreement with him, offering him a new life, with abilities no ordinary human can have. Alfie agrees, of course. 

Noire warns the boy of the powers he is about to recieve, telling him that he cannot use them against souls not affiliated with his murder.

Noire's True IdentityEdit

In the third book of the series, Damien forcefully revealed Noire's true identity when the spirit intruded into his subconscious. He is actually Gerard Royale, Alfie Royale's biological father who had become Noire even before he had "died" in their mansion's fire.