The Classification system was created to help categorize "abhuman" that the citizens of the Order encounters, it was also primarily a way to determine how to deal with an encounter. The system was created somewhere in the 1950's, where it became a focal point of a certain movement. Although the Order has fallen, some nations still continue to keep this system.

Tier System:Edit

Tier 0: Friendly Super (Brainwashed Supers working for the government.)

Tier 1: Suspected Super

Tier 2: Confirmed Super

Tier 3: Cooperative Super

Tier 4: Single Hostile Super

Tier 5: Part of Small Organized Group of Hostile Supers (2-6 Individuals)

Tier 6: Part of Large Organized Group of Hostile Supers (6+)

Color System: (Only For Tier 1-4 Supers)Edit

Code White: Target's Power is currently unknown.

Code Blue: Target's Power is only capable of affecting themselves.

Code Red: Target's Power is only capable of affecting other individuals.

Code Green: Target's Power is capable of affecting both themselves and other around them.

Code Black: Target's Power is capable of affecting the environment, reality, or time.

Alphonetic Code System:Edit

Code Foxtrot: Target is completely untrained, can't control their own powers, or barely knows how to use power.

Code Alpha: Target is still learning, but can use their abilities with free will.

Code Bravo/Beta: Target is experienced, a high-level threat kill or capture.

Code Sierra: Target has received training and performing strikes against the order, kill as soon as possible.

Code Charlie: Target is non-discriminatory, exterminate with extreme prejudice