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The Path Party is the political arm of The Path, a metahuman supremist group.


Racial Restrictions: The party seeks to set a side areas as solely open to Metahumans so that they may develope a viberante, and independent culture; away from those who may attempt to continue harsh treatment, or to bend them to their ways. They also seek to undo years of oppression by instating a Metahuman dominant political coalition into power, thus taking Metahumans straight from the bottom of the social ladder to the helm of leadership, preventing any government strike targeted against them.

Acelorated Evolution: The party hopes to use legislation promoting the distribution of Metahuman genetics though out the population. Laws that would slowly thin out weaker genes bringing humanity closer to the peak of perfection. Such legal breeding programs would ultimately bring the rest of humanity into governance as time passed.


- The Path is currently considered by many at best a fringe lunatic group, at worst a reverse image of the Order

- There is evidence to sujest that the fire in town hall was caused by the Path, however the posiblity has not yet been fully investigated. 

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