Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Unknown
Threat/Classification: Tier 4

Code Green and Black Code Sierra

Appearance: Book One: Dark Times
Nickname(s): N/A
Mental Status: Sane
Status: Alive

Savior is a Tiste Longa, Protectors of the Multiverse and Servants of Jrova (Known as God in this universe), Tiste Longa are Known as Angels in this universe. 

Appearance and Personality.Edit

Book One:Savior was born during Time long forgotten. She has blue eyes, blond hair, and is first introduced as crashing into a Park in Manns Harbor. Cursing while doing so. Savior always wears her armor.

Savior couldn't car less for mortals, she is devoid of emotion.Like most Tiste Longa, who are taught that Emotions make you weaker, and easier to corrupt. Savior personality, is rather Uffish, her voice is always monotone.


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She doesn't care for pretty much everyone, expect her lover, Sanquinus, it is unknown if he loves her back. Savior could  care less of what others think of her,as she views it as a waste of her time to worry about what others think about her.