Siege of Bath.
ConflictThe Liberated England Movement
PlaceBath, Ingaland
ResultOrder Victory. Lincoln killed.
Order Military

Super Liberation Front

Liberated England

General-Barclay Savidge James Lincoln
15,000 14,000
1,000 Men Killed and 455 Men Wounded 13,000 Killed, Rest captured.

The Siege of Bath, was one of the biggest battles of the Order war against the Supers. It saw the use of the 2nd Divison of the Order, fighting a urban battle against Supers and their human volunteers.

Before the BattleEdit

The BattleEdit

The 2nd divison of the Order arrived five days after the Uprising,and began to besiege the city, beginning with artillery bombardment, which the Supers could only answer with makeshift missile launchers, and raids.After a few weeks of besieging the city, the Order began their attack, expecting a disorganized defense, they where greeted with organized resistance. The first wave was beaten back.