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"You want money? You want fame? You'll have to beat our top ace here and we'll give you first dibs"- Leon's recruiting ad.


Formed in September 2010 by an Order fugitive Leon Harris who was charged for post abandonment and murder of several of his commanding officers after being transferred to the Hawaiian island air detatchment. Strangely some members of his air wing supported the sudden uprising and joined in on his assault on the siezure of the hawaiian island chain. During their assault they slowly gained a reputation as enemy aces of the coup'detat flight and eventually gained in numbers as members joined Leon's cause.

Their aircraft are mostly bought from the same manufactures who sell theirs to the UAR, NJASF, and several other countries. They have also been known to steal military grade hardware en-route to naval and air bases in the pacific to assert their dominance in the area. However they leave food and medical supplies alone as a balancing act to avoid war then get their provision from black markets scattered across the globe or what little farmland they have on Hawaii.


  • Leon Roosevelt Harris (2010-Present)
    • Michael B. Livingston as second in command (2010-Present)
      Mecha pilot by meganerid-d4i5iqz

      Michael Bernard Livingston in his flight gear.


This freelance group may appear to be terrorists in the eyes of several major governments but their goal is profit with maximum efficiency and politically they aim for social equality with a sensible heiarchy to ensure the safety of others then maintain order if neccessary. Supers are not an exception to social equality and are treated like humans although there are certain circumstances where specialized equipment may be required in detaining said super. Their leadership is ran by a single leader and a partner who stands at his or her side to give authorization for most major projects such as maintaining the pacific boarders from countries that seek to invade from the surrounding sea.


Their equipment varies drastically by what they can get their hands on through the black market or by stealing themselves or by covert transactions for computer equipment and this would include.

  • AKS-74 and AK-74M
  • SU-47 Bearkut
  • F/A-22 Raptor
  • F-86 sabre
  • MiG-16
  • C-135 Stratolifters for mid-air refueling and mainly obtained by theft along with electronic equipment that may be needed.
  • Antonov 5's along with twenty other aircraft


  • Faction is based off a faction in the game Ace Combat.