"They change us from their "sinful and hideous" ways to do their horrible killings of anyone who speaks out against their massacres, their kidnappings, their domination of through fear. And what they can't catch, they put down...." - John Walker, Head of the Resistance

The Super Liberation Front is an underground resistance whose goal is to end the pursicution of those with unhuman powers. Their operatives work though covert means such as property destruction, subversive media, and mis-direction. The SLF is known to work with groups that share their agenda, cordinating efforts, or with groups that generally despise the Order.


The Super Liberation Front composed of a military structured main force in addition to small cells and individuals that operated against the Order but outside of the chain of command. The military force was pacified completely at times only for cells in other areas of the world to form a new army. The SLF also allowed individuals to join. These individuals fought the Order without any form of leadership. 

Noted MembersEdit