Sylvanis, Daughter of Hrova
Alternate Sylvanis
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Chaos
Threat/Classification: Tier 4

Code Black Code Charlie

Appearance: Book II: Dawn's Shadow (briefly)
Nickname(s): None Given
Mental Status: Psychotic and Insane
Status: Missing, Presumed Dead
Sylvanis was a none canon minor character in Book II: Dawn's Shadow, but was originally going to play a much larger role. She was born from Hrova and an unknown mortal woman, and she is one of the many presumed children of the chaos god. Unlike the majority of Hrova's children, Sylvanis was aware of her heritage, and she sought to cause insanity everywhere she went, perhaps even more than most Tiste Hora. Sylvanis was removed from Canon as a new story arch was explored, when Book Two moved from trying to become a Super hero RP, into a political RP.

History in the SeriesEdit

Sylvanis was a demi-god of Hrova, the only one in recent times, that had many dark and demonic powers similiar to a Tiste Hora that were strengthened under the moon's light and weakened in the day. As of early Book Two, she was alive and ploting for the destruction of Cold Harbor. A few days after the fire that burned down Cold Harbor's town hall, she became wanted by Cold Harbor authorities for her possible involvement. By this point she had disappeared. She is pressumed dead by her inactivity and the fact that the streets of Cold Harbor were very unsafe at the time. Tidebringer still ran a shadowly gang in the docks and other mob bosses, criminals, and downright monsters lurked around every corner. 


  • She was originally planned to be the main antagonist of Book II
  • Though her powers were almost equal to that of a Tiste and she was able to rapidly heal herself, she was mortal.
  • Her app stated that she frequently reinveted her personality.