A highly stylized vulture symbol was printed on all official documents on Sanctioned actions and members.

The Sanctioned were supers "Sanctified" by the Order to combat abhuman threats. Initi ally opened only to those of Angelic Decent, by the late days of the Order it's ranks had expanded to include Altered Humans, and eventually Mutants. The Sanctioned was the Order's way of controling the Superhuman population, to have the power to monitor them, and use them as weapons against those who would oppose the Order's rule.

Being SanctifiedEdit

Being sanctified involved first, being identified by the Order, 2nd being brought into custody by the Order, and 3rd becoming tranquil. Being tranquil gathered it's influence from the Tiste Longa, one was to acquire inner peace though electromagnetic therapy. This therapy would latter became an effective part of mind control imposed on those unwilling assets, or those who had began to doubt the Order. Those supers to be sanctified were given a Code name as identification, their past would often be erased, to signify their "rebirth".


There was three separate branches within the Sanctioned, which had a form of rivalry, they are:

  • Killers- The killers are meant as the "frontline" of the Sanctioned, being the ones called when regular forces need some assistance, or for when the Order needs to have someone assassinated, be it a regular person or an "abhuman." They work with different "Observers" per mission, usually having a small argument on who has the more harder and important sound. Their training is more
  • Observers- The Observers are the ones who handle most of the information on the field, the ones in charge of  surveillance and relay of information to the "Killers" they worked with. They are meant as spies because of their specific skill sets, but usually lack in more offensive means, unless taught by another. Unlike "killers" they are given handlers, as they were brainwashed to be more dependent on the orders given to them. They are designated as agents and a codename.
  • JOATs- JOAT stands "Jack of All Trades," because they can adapt easily to any situation presented to them. Although they fill the gap between the two other branches, they are often sent alone, because most would have a superiority feeling to the other sanctioned.They are designated by numbers, just like their Killer counterparts.


The Sanctioned were said to often speak monotoned, and to exibit no emotion. This was not always the case however, just the major case as the rise of the SLF prompted the Order to consider imposing mindcontrol on all those who were still loyal to the Order, as well as those who had recently been brought into the Order's custody.

Post-Behaviors varies from former sanctioned to sanctioned.

Post-Order InvolvementEdit

Known SanctionedEdit