Green Mountain Boys flag.svg

Flag of the Green Mountain Republic

Vermont, or The Green Mountain Republic is a post-order state in North America. I borders the United American Republic on the East, West, and South. It's Northern Border is shared with Canada.



Vermont, likes it's two neighbours, is a constitutional state; a Unitary Constitutional Republic. It's headed by a president, a chamber of ministry, and assembly.



Political PartiesEdit

Freedom Party - An economically right, and socially liberal political party; similar to the Whig Party.

Greater American Party (GA) - seeks to join the UAR, ties to the New Continental Army.

Unity - A left winged party.

Armed ForcesEdit

Unlike it's neighbours Vermont doesn't have a highly mechanised army. The 'Vermont Green Boys', as the soldiers are called are a volunteer force formed from the Wild Life Ranger units of the OSF, and rebel forces who had seized the area. It is primarily a national militia with a deep focus on woodland warfare. The military doctrine of the state focuses on guerrilla tactics, and keeping the enemy away from settlements as long as possible. Urban defense is handled by policing forces who still utilize the equipment of the OSF. Vermont is separated into four Marshal districts. Marshals over see the security forces of each district, and are just below the chiefs of staff.

It's primary military supplier is the UAR.