The United Republic Federal Armed Forces wascreated from the New Continental Army following the fall of the Order. Being entirely volunteer based with implementation of drafts in case of a massive conflict, the Federal Armed Forces is pretty large with over 800,000 active soldiers. The UR military makes lot of usage for armored vehicles as well as infantry units and air and naval forces.


 *M4 Assault Rifle

  • M27 Infantry Assault Rifle
  • M146  Assault Rifle
  • M45 Sub-Machine Gun
  • M90 Dersonal Defense Weapon
  • M1911 Pistol
  • M7 Anti-Tank Weapon
  • M6 Anti-Air Weapon
  • M3 Anti-Personel Weapon


  • M10 Marauder
    Mechs and UR soldiers


  • M12 Olympian


  • M5 Liberty MBT
  • M26 Alliance MBT
    Liberty tank

    The M5 Liberty Tank

Other VehiclesEdit

  • M9 APC
  • M4 Tandk Destroyer

Units (sub units are special units)Edit

  • Federal Army
    • 1st "Militiaman" Light Infantry Regiment
    • 2nd  Special "Alpha" Battalion
    • 76th Airborne Corps
      UR Army

      UR Armed Forces Standard Infantry units


      Airborne Units

  • Federal Marine Corps
    • 50th Hellcat Battalion
  • Federal Navy
    • SEALS
  • Federal Air Force
    • 30th Air Intelligence Force 

      Centurion soldiers

      Centurion Soldiers

  • Centurion Special Forces 
  • Security Intelligence Agency
    • Special Mission Team
    • Black Ops
    • Superhuman Combat unit

Aerial VechiclesEdit

  •  Falcon Fighter Jet
  • Hawk Fighter Jet
  • Eagle Attack Chopper
  • HoneyBee Transport Chopper
    Hawk jets

    Hawk Jet