The Whig Party is a political entity that operates in Cold Harbor. The Whig party was formed by non-combatant members of the SLF, and Resistance Political League, who following victory in Cold Harbor rose in popularity due to their connection to the SLF, and aid to the people. Their candidate during the 2018 Mayoral Election was Bruce Jordan.


Anti-Genetic Database - The Whig party is adamently opposed to the idea of a genetic database, pointing out how much the population was terrorized by the Order's Checkpoints. When a government has the right to your genes, where does their power over you end? This tyranny shall not be repeated as they believed that the first duty is to protect the lives of people, not control them,

Free Lawmen - The Whig Party has noted the presence of Vigilantes in Cold Harbor. Though they have taken a 'less' offensive approach to their efforts. They would like these individuals to become free units of the law though the use of licensing. Essentually, such persons would upon passing a legal test, become independent enforces of the law. They would be held accountable for crimes they may commit, and for damage they inflict. This combines the best of volunteerism, while allowing a means in which such persons will be able to pay for damage while still contributing to fighting crime. Also, the licensing fee should add to the city budget.

Social Libertarianism - The party believes that the crime in Cold Harbor would decrease if certian acts were legalized. This includes but is not limited to Prostitution, Gambling, and sell of certain controlled substances. They suggest that, in legalizing these acts would become safer, and begin to generate revenue for the state.

Market Freedom - The Whig Party supported a laissez-faire economics, that Cold Harbor will be wealthier if private companies can create jobs. The Whigs also support lower taxations for all and oppose governmental intervention on the economy.


  • The parties popularity is in part from SLF support, leading many to wonder if the party is merely a tool.