William Naoi
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William practicing his swordsmanship.
Character Info
Alias/Nicknames: "Will"
Gender: Male
Age: 7 years old (Kyoto Guardian Academy)
Status: Alive
Mental Status: Sane
Physical attributes
Height: 137 cm (4'6")
Weight: 38 kg (83 lbs.)
Appearance: Kyoto Guardian Academy (KGA)
Class: N/A

William Naoi is the son of Terra Wilkins, and Takashi Naoi. He was born in 2020, and is currently 7 years of age.


Appearance, and PersonalityEdit

He has blue eyes and hair, getting the trait from his father, Takashi Naoi.

However, unlike his father, William has shown a more aggressive approach to people. And unlike his father, his views on powers are negative, having been affected by the beliefs of Terra, wanting to be normal instead of having supers.


William, after his powers manifested, was transfered from a normal school to KGA. He resented this, and much like his mother desired to be normal. He is shown to be rebellious, much like his uncle, going so far as to skip school, and sneak away to his old school. Terra, as his mother, had been called by one of the teachers to pick him up. William notices her once his friends have left, and begins making sharp comments, asking why he has to be different.



  • Terra Wilkin- His mother. William had been left in the dark as to his mother's condition. Possible strain on their relationship after seeing her Transform.
  • Takashi Naoi- His father. It seems that William has some resentment towards his father's disappearance, having lashed out at Terra for abandoning them by dying. By the end of KGA, both have reconciled with one another, getting over the resentment he felt for his father dying.
  • Amelia- Adopted Sister.
  • Rika Nagato /Tamaru- Step Cousin.
  • Hiro TamaruHas said that William enjoys his company, along with his sisters, and partially envious of their "normalcy" but still be able to do great things. Might have not told about his past as a super before losing his powers.


  • Blade Construction/ Sword Construction- William can create any bladed weapon out of seemingly thin air or anything, can also create anything that classifies as sword.
  • Enhanced Skeletal Structure: William is more durable then the average person.
  • Genetic Memory:  
    • Adoptive Muscle Memory- The user is able to adopt the muscle memories or genetics of their ancestors. Although his proficiency with using this ability is only an estimated of 20% potent as Takashi's own version. Word of God states that by the planned end of Kyoto Guardian Academy, he would have gained full control of this ability.
  • Levitated Flight: William can levitate up to 15 feet from the ground, propelling him self with the use of deep focus.
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