Zhang Xun
Age: 68
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Qing Dynasty, Yuan Shikai, Chinese Nationalist Union
Threat/Classification: N/A
Appearance: Unknown
Nickname(s): "Queue General"
Mental Status: Sane
Status: Deceased
Zhang Xun (simplified Chinese: 张勋; traditional Chinese: 張勳; pinyin: Zhāng Xūn; September 16, 1854 – September 11, 1923) was a Qing-loyalist general who attempted to restore the abdicated emperor Puyi in 1917. Hen also supported Yuan Shikai's rule of China.  He later founded the Chinese Nationalist Union to restore the dynasty to the throne and preserve Chinese values and traditions while opposing both abhumans and the Order.


Zhang served as a military escort for Empress Dowager Cixi during the Boxer Uprising. He fought for the Qing at Nanjing in 1911, and then after the fall of the Qing, he remained loyal to Yuan Shikai. Despite serving as a general in the new Republic, he refused to cut his queue, as a symbol of his loyalty to the Qing. He was called the "Queue General". He seized Nanjing from the KMT in 1913, defeating the Second Revolution. Despite allowing his troops to savagely loot the city, Zhang was named a field marshal by Yuan. In 1917 Zhang entered Beijing to restore Puyi along with Kang Youwei but was thwarted by other generals. Zhang then took refuge in rural China.

The Chinese Nationalist UnionEdit

After the failure to return the monarchy to power, China was still relatively weak. This allowed the Order to easily conquer most of China by early 1921. Disheartened and unsatisfied with the Western domination of China many sought out the Queue General. Zhang and his men had been executing guerrilla raids on government targets before this time and when met with these new recruits they were able to reorganize into a new organization. Known as the Chinese Nationalist Union, by February, 1922 they had worked out a group identity based on a the following points:

  • The Qing Dynasty is the rightful ruler of all of China and Mongolia.
  • Western education and culture is made to subvert Chinese tradition.
  • Abhumans are responsible for Chinese disunity and rebellion that allowed the Westerners to conquer China.
  • Our History is Our Culture

After his death in 1923, the Chinese Nationlist Union continued to function, often underground, to undermine the Order's rule.